Adam, Brian, Fry, and Steve Graduate!

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Congratulations to Adam, Brian, Fry, and Steve! They are all graduating this semester and participated in the graduation ceremony on December 16, 2017 in Breslin Center.

Adam Powers joined the group in April 2016 and has contributed to all aspects of the high voltage electrode development for the Ra EDM experiment including residual magnetization measurements and high voltage conditioning. He also worked at the NSCL an as accelerator operator. Adam is looking forward to a career in accelerator-based rare isotope science.

After taking my advanced lab class in the Fall of 2016, Brian Hanley joined the group in May 2017 and has become our resident COMSOL expert. He has been calculating the electric field for the Ra EDM experiment using a variety of increasingly more realistic 3D models of the high voltage apparatus. Next Fall, Brian will begin his graduate studies in Physics with an emphasis on computational work.

After taking my advanced lab class in the Fall of 2016, Fry Fang joined the group in May of 2017 and has become a core member of pSAM team. He has been characterizing impurities in our neon film that may be a source of optical background, which has included a calibration of our neon film growth rate. Fry will continue working in the group for another year before applying for graduate school in Physics.

Steve Fromm, a veteran of our military, attended MSU on the GI Bill. He joined the group in April of 2015 as a Director’s Research Scholar and has been involved in just about every project in the group. Saturday was Steve’s first ever graduation ceremony and, because of his perfect 4.0 GPA, he was selected to bear the flag for the College of Natural Sciences. Steve will continue working for the group half time as well as with Luke Roberts before starting his graduate studies in Theoretical Physics.

The graduation ceremony included a wonderful speech by Priya Balasubramaniam,Vice President of iPhone operations at Apple, on the importance of recognizing, taking advantage of, and, when necessary, creating opportunities in all their forms.