Steve Wins Broad of Trustees’ Scholarship Award!

The Weekly Win goes to Director’s Research Scholar Steve Fromm, who was awarded a Board of Trustees Scholarship Award! This award is given to only ~50 out of ~10,000 graduating seniors (top 0.5%!) every year who have “the highest cumulative grade-points at the close of semester prior to graduation.” Furthermore, “To be eligible for these awards, at least three-fourths of the credits for the degree must have been earned in resident at Michigan State University, with numerical grades.”

Steve has played a significant role in building our lab, which was just an empty room when he joined in the Spring of 2015.  His major contributions to the group have included:

  • a now complete draft of a paper describing a fully 3D Monte Carlo simulation of laser cooling & trapping of divalent atoms
  • simulations motivating the design of a new laser cooling & trapping scheme for Ra-225 atoms
  • the decisive role he played in building the DAQ for our two photon Xe project
  • the SPINLAB “slow controls” datebase

Steve will be graduating this weekend(!) and will continue splitting his time between Spinlab and Luke Robert’s group this Spring before he starts his graduate studies. He has informed us that he will use his $1000 award to pay for physics graduate school applications. With any luck, he may have enough leftover to by himself a scoop of MSU Dairy Store ice cream – congrats Steve! -JTS