Jaideep Taggart Singh
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Michigan State University
640 South Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI, USA, 48824-1321

lab: FRIB 1350
office: FRIB 2016
unreliable: +1.517.908.7176

We are always looking to hire curious, self-motivated, & extremely hard-working students at all levels as well as postdocs. Come join us!

Prospective Postdocs: If you are interested in my group’s activities, then please send me a brief email with a CV or resume, a short description of your research interests, and follow the instructions here.

Prospective Graduate Students: If you are interested in my group’s activities, then please send me a brief email with a CV or resume, a short description of your research interests, and follow the instructions here.

Rising Seniors: please consider joining my group for a Senior Thesis (PHY 490) which would fulfill your MSU PA Capstone requirement.

Rising Sophomores & Juniors: please consider joining my group as a Director’s Research Scholar or as an REU student over the summer.

Incoming freshman: please consider joining my group as a Professorial Assistant.

Undergrads in general: If you are more than one calendar year away from graduating, then please answer the following questions using LaTeX and send me the PDF along with a CV or resume. Use any resource that you’d like, but make sure to cite it properly My motivation for having a set of questions like this is to gauge a student’s investment in the process. The most valuable things my group offers to undergraduates are our time to teach you skills relevant for success in science as well tools for performing research that you would not get otherwise from your coursework. Working with, mentoring, and teaching a student who is new to research takes up a lot of valuable time – which is a very important part of our job. The time we invest in the students that we work with pays the most dividends when the student is highly motivated and takes full advantage of the opportunities offered to them. As a consequence, it is very important to my group that I make best use of their time. To provide a sense of scale, it costs about 40 people-hours just to hire a new person into the group and then get them properly trained just to be able to enter the room where our research is conducted. It would not be fair to my research group to allow someone into the group who has not demonstrated the motivation and determination to pull their own weight. Please let me know if  you have any questions.

  1. What is your name, email address, and, if applicable, website/github account?
  2. What year in college are you?
  3. Have you worked with another research group before? If so, which ones?
  4. Have you contacted other research groups? If so, which ones?
  5. Why are you interested in my group?
  6. Which project are you most interested in and why?
  7. Are you considering going to graduate school?
  8. What is the last book you’ve read and why?
  9. What is the most recent new skill or topic that you taught yourself?
  10. Why did you want to learn it?
  11. How did you teach yourself?
  12. How many psi are in one atmosphere?
  13. What is the molecular weight of air?
  14. What is the magnitude of Earths’s magnetic field?
  15. What direction does the Earth’s magnetic field point?
  16. How many photons are emitted by a 5 mW laser in one second?
  17. How many electrons pass through a 50 ohm resistor in one second?
  18. What is special about the number 137?
  19. Let’s say that you have a rectangle with length x and width 1. Cut a 1 by 1 square off of the edge of this rectangle. This will leave you with another smaller rectangle with the same length to width ratio. What is x? What is special about this number?
  20. Make a plot of the data below and determine the function that best describes the data, both using Python 3.x:

detuning (MHz)     power (V)

1     10.2

2     14.9

3     18.9

5     23.4

8     26.5

13     18.6

22     -30.7

35     -187.4

57     -685.6

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