Impressions from the Spring Meeting of the German Physics Society 2017 #DPGDD17

Last week from March 19th to 24th I attended the annual Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section of the German Physics Society 2017 in Dresden. The new hot topics in this field currently are perovskite materials for solar cells, micro-swimmers, medical and biological applications of hydrogels and bio imaging. I was particularly interested to hear about the latest research on super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in biophysics which relates to our current research of the “Single Atom Microscope” project. To overcome the limits of spatial resolution in fluorescence light microscopy new techniques like three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy (3D-SIM, Science, 320, 1332-6) and super-resolution microscopy (Science, 331, 1616-20) have been developed. Several talks on the Spring meeting were discussing improvements and applications of these methods.

Beside of the high class research we should not miss the fun part in physics. During the prize talk on Sunday by Metin Tolan about Star Trek physics I learned why the mass of the Enterprise is only 158kg.