Emission Spectrum of 375 nm LED

weeklywinplotThe Weekly Win for the week of Nov. 14 was awarded the SADiCS team. The team led by undergraduate Evan Ryan focused on a detailed characterization of one of the light sources used for the Yb fluorescence measurement. This light source is an LED characterized by a central wavelength of 375nm. This LED is used as a quenching light source, meaning it removes atoms from a long lived dark state and places them back into the desired excitation and emission cycle. Since the Yb fluorescence is within the wavelength range of 530nm to 580nm, knowing the exact wavelength spectrum of this LED near the range of interest is crucial.

The graph above shows the spectrum of the LED measured with a spectrometer for different integration times. The peak around 550nm shows that the LED spectrum contains a small amount of green light. Further studies have to be made in order to determine the amount of green LED light that contributes to the final green signal.