Summer LODY!

This summer has been a very productive summer for the Spinlab group, but to get all that work done we had to get down and dirty. So much excellent work was being done that the lab became a war zone of tools, equipment, and circuit diagrams. Organizing it would prove to be a herculean task and certainly not for the faint of heart.

The motivation for Lab Organization Day (LODY) is three-fold:
  1. The group a lot of turnover between semesters, and, for the purposes of institutional memory, we need to know what we have and where it is.
  2. We are quickly running out of real estate and it is only going to get worse once we start assembling pSAM as well as prepare for Kei’s experiment which requires our UV lasers.
  3. In order to make the most efficient use of our limited budget, we should make a good faith effort to avoid inadvertently buying redundant equipment & supplies because of lack of knowledge of what is already available.
With this in mind, our LODY goals are to:
  • find “lost” items
  • update our wiki inventory of equipment & supplies
  • sort/file away product manuals
  • sort/file away books
  • inventory/store larger unused items
  • label/document/inventory smaller surplus items
  • return “old” items to their original locations
  • create “new” locations for “new” items
  • throw out the garbage and boxes
  • tidy up
  • update cable management

The intrepid team of Jaideep, Ben, Daniel, and Fry chose to take on this task, and take it on they did. Arriving early in the morning, they began chipping away, making slow but steady progress, leaving a sparkling clean lab in their wake. You may now be asking where everything went? Ben, Daniel, and Fry made sure all known parts were given a home, a proper label, and was put on the Wiki. On the other hand, Jaideep found himself sifting through a mountain of miscellaneous parts, determing what to do with each individual item. It was truly  a spectacular effort and songs will be sung about his bravery for ages to come. The grueling day was a great success and other Spinlab members could not believe their eyes when they saw the supreme level of organization. The next monumental step: keeping it this clean permanently.