Farewell Jennifer & Martin!

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Jennifer Wenzl and her husband Martin Eibach (a postdoc with the Ion Trapping/Mass Measurements Group) are leaving the NSCL to go back to Germany.

Jennifer received her Ph.D. in December of 2013 from the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in the field of Soft Condensed Matter Physics. She joined Spinlab in September of 2015 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the field of Nuclear Astrophysics. Although this was quite different than her background in Granular Materials, her technical expertise in lasers, optics, confocal microscopy, and programming specifically for digital image processing fit perfectly with the Single Atom Microscope project.

When Jennifer joined my group, the lab renovations had just begun and all we had was essentially an empty room. She very quickly took the leading role completing the renovations and coordinated, among many other things, the installation of two tunable single frequency Ti:Sapphire lasers with external double cavities & mixing modules which produces from 0.1 W to 6 W of light from 250-300 nm, 350-600 nm, and 700-1000 nm along with the optical tables that the lasers are mounted on. She was also responsible for, starting from the beginning, designing, assembling, and testing all of the equipment used to perform the initial studies of the SAM project which incudes: a high temperature (750 K) effusive oven which acts as our atomic beam source, the neon gas handling & purification system, the ultra high vacuum (1E-9 Torr) chamber for the atomic beam source, and the LHe cryostat used to grow Ne samples.

The hard work that Jennifer and the SAM team, which she led while I was on family leave, put in during the summer of 2016 helped us earn an NSF CAREER grant for the SAM project.

The NSCL gave Jennifer and Martin a grand farewell with free Dairy Store ice cream for all. Jennifer’s gift was a Leatherman Juice-C2, which we chose because it has a cork!

We will all miss Jennifer and Martin! -JTS