Laser Trap Monte Carlo Simulation

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We have upgraded the Laser Trapping Monte Carlo to include a laser chirping feature.  This new feature allows for the addition of a linear frequency chirp to be added to any of the lasers in the simulation.  This is one of the first needed steps in being able to simulate slowing Radium-225 using its blue transition in the laser trap.  To verify that the new changes to the Laser Trap Monte Carlo have no adverse effects on the existing simulation, the new version of the Monte Carlo was benchmarked against previous studies we had conducted.  Tests were ran with the laser chirp turned on but set to zero.  Shown below are the results of simulating stray magnetic fields in the transverse cooling region of the laser trap; the new results overlay the previous ones.  Based on these results we conclude that the laser chirp upgrade does not adversely affect the existing simulation and is ready for use. -SF