APS DNP Vancouver 2016

Four members of the Spinlab team made the trip to Vancouver for the annual fall meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Association held Oct. 13-16th. The team contributed talks and posters regarding their work at the MSU Spinlab and was composed of Jaideep Singh, Roy Ready, Jake Huneau, and Kristen Parzuchowski. Each member wrote a small blurb regarding the highlights of their trip:

“DNP 2016 was the first physics conference I’ve ever been to! I presented my work regarding upgrades to the RaEDM electrodes for the upcoming 2017 experiment at the mini-symposium on electric dipole moments on Saturday, October 15. One of my talking points was the electric field updates I’m working on. In addition to higher operating voltages, we will be experimenting with electrode gap sizes to try and maximize the field. Our upcoming electrode gap assembly will allow us to do that” -Roy Ready 

Slide from Roy Ready’s presentation regarding upgrades to the RaEDM experiment

“Last week I took part in the Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU) program at DNP. I presented my work on fluorescence measurements for optical single atom detection. These measurements are crucial steps towards determining the intrinsic brightness of Ytterbium atoms in solid Neon. The intrinsic brightness will indicate the integration times that are necessary for optical single atom detection” -Kristen Parzuchowski

Kristen Parzuchowski beside her poster with information regarding her work with single atom detection

Jake Huneau presented his poster at the DNP conference in Vancouver, Canada which showed his work with developing an analysis program for the HeXe experiment. 

Jake Huneau beside his poster containing information about his work with the HeXe experiment

Jaideep Singh’s talk can be found here, and Roy Ready’s talk can be found here.

Kristen Parzuchowski’s poster can be found here, while Jake Huneaus Poster can be found here.