Observation of a Two-Photon Transition in Xenon

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This weekly win post is for the winner announced on October 3rd, for the work done during the week  of Sept 26-30. The win this week was awarded to a group composed of Spinlab members Steven Fromm, Jaideep Singh, Liam Clink, and University of Michigan student Skyler Degenkolb. After many long days (and nights) of preparation and testing, the team successfully made the first-ever measurement of the 256nm two-photon resonance in xenon.  This measurement is the first step in being able to utilize xenon in optical magnetometry.  Spinlab’s GRUVY laser was used to scan the surrounding wavelength range while a photon counter tracked the number of photons emitted by the xenon sample. Finding the two-photon transition was not without its share of challenges, since one of the input lasers in the system had to scan through molecular oxygen absorption wavelength, significantly lowering laser output power. The plots above show the observed Xe1S02[5/2] transition.