Month: December 2015

Tenzin Officially Starts His Thesis Work on Ra EDM

Today Tenzin passed his first PhD Committee meeting. His thesis project will be an improved measurement of the EDM of Ra-225. He will be moving to Argonne to work with our collaborators on improving the atom detection efficiency as well as other upgrades. Congratulations!  

Development of high-performance alkali-hybrid polarized He-3 targets for electron scattering

This paper (Phys. Rev. C 91, 055205 (2015)) published on May 21 was in large part based on my PhD dissertation from UVa. It describes how we improved polarized He-3 target performance by about an order of magnitude over the course of a decade. This paper was highlighted by the Editor’s Suggestion of Physical Review C and ...

Major Renovations to Spinlab Complete

Most of the major renovations to Spinlab are complete! This included adding additional clean power and standard power, cable trays, casework, and a sink & eyewash among many other things. Today we celebrated with a fancy cake with fancy cake decorations. We are now waiting for our optical tables and tunable lasers!