Colloquium @ University of Toronto

Testing Time-Reversal Symmetry Using Lasers, a Magic Room, and Pear-Shaped Nuclei Experimental tests of fundamental symmetries using nuclei and other particles subject to the strong nuclear force have led to the discovery of parity (P) violation, the discovery of charge-parity (CP) violation, and the prediction of a hypothetical particle called the axion, which is currently ...

Tenzin Officially Starts His Thesis Work on Ra EDM

Today Tenzin passed his first PhD Committee meeting. His thesis project will be an improved measurement of the EDM of Ra-225. He will be moving to Argonne to work with our collaborators on improving the atom detection efficiency as well as other upgrades. Congratulations!  

Major Renovations to Spinlab Complete

Most of the major renovations to Spinlab are complete! This included adding additional clean power and standard power, cable trays, casework, and a sink & eyewash among many other things. Today we celebrated with a fancy cake with fancy cake decorations. We are now waiting for our optical tables and tunable lasers!

Spinlab Group Pictures

The ground has grown significantly over the last year with the addition of Jennifer Wenzl (postdoc), Dustin Frisbie (grad), Kristen Parzuchowski (DRS Scholar) on the Single Atom Microscope project and Tenzin Rabga (grad), Roy Ready (grad), and Steve Fromm (DRS Scholar) on the Ra EDM experiment.  

Assembly of HV Electrode UHV Chamber

One of responsibilities for the Ra EDM experiment is to test and condition high voltage electrodes. The goal is to achieve an electric field that is at least three times higher than what we’ve achieved in the past. This should improve the statistical sensitivity of our experiment by at least a factor of three and ...

The October Event

Today we celebrated the career of the former NSCL/FRIB Lab Director C. Konrad Gelbke and the release of Sam Austin’s book Up From Nothing which tells the story of the Cyclotron Lab from its humble beginnings in 1958. Aphorisms from CKG: The Big Picture is Important  Communication is the Product Intensity is good – but ...

Spinlab is Under Construction

Spinlab will require tunable single frequency lasers for much of our research. These lasers will have to be installed on stable & vibration-isolated optical tables which are enclosed in a dust-free clean-room style enclosure. These are being designed now, but, while we wait, we are manually removing the dust from above the tiles of the drop ...

Postdoctoral Position Available

The NSCL at MSU is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to utilize a variety of atomic, molecular, & optical physics techniques to search for time reversal violation in nuclei and to optically manipulate nuclei embedded in cryogenic solids. Our group is part of the Radium EDM collaboration, which just performed the first “proof-of-principle” measurement of ...

Label Maker & Logbooks

These are the first two items purchased for Spinlab – a really nice label maker and 100 pack of the best logbooks!

Spinlab is Open for Business

Our group applies a variety of atomic, molecular, & optical physics techniques to answer fundamental questions in nuclear and particle physics. Our passion is creating, manipulating, and detecting spin-polarized nuclei. Our long terms goals are to: Observe time-reversal symmetry violation in nuclei, which may explain the origin of matter in the Universe Study the evolution of ...

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