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Residual Magnetization Gradiometer

As of this week, there will be a weekly blog post titled “Weekly Win”. Each post will include information and a short blurb about something significantly exciting or remarkable which occurred in the lab that week, and each week the members of this group will vote for one of various nominations in order to determine ...

Tenzin Officially Starts His Thesis Work on Ra EDM

Today Tenzin passed his first PhD Committee meeting. His thesis project will be an improved measurement of the EDM of Ra-225. He will be moving to Argonne to work with our collaborators on improving the atom detection efficiency as well as other upgrades. Congratulations!  

Assembly of HV Electrode UHV Chamber

One of responsibilities for the Ra EDM experiment is to test and condition high voltage electrodes. The goal is to achieve an electric field that is at least three times higher than what we’ve achieved in the past. This should improve the statistical sensitivity of our experiment by at least a factor of three and ...