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Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

The lab was confronted with a stuck knob on one of our Helium gas regulators. Many of the other lab members attempted to open the outlet valve to the regulator but that proved unsuccessful. I attempted to open the stuck valve as well, even using the strap wrench as shown. I had the thought that ...

Debugging An Obscure Non-Fatal Failure Mode for a TMP 50 Turbopump

While testing the new TMP 50 (S/N31001349549) on the HV setup, it failed three times. All three times, the TMP was started at a pressure of 4E-3 Torr or below and failed about 4 minutes into the acceleration at pressures of 6E-5 Torr or below. Before the last attempt, we ran the roughing pump with the gas ballast valve ...

Label Maker & Logbooks

These are the first two items purchased for Spinlab – a really nice label maker and 100 pack of the best logbooks!